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*Loan programs may offer beginning farmers more favorable interest rates if it can be proven that they have undergone formal farm education or training.

Washington State Housing Finance Commission: Provides low interest loans to help new farmers get started with land, equipment, buildings, and animals.
Northwest Farm Credit Services: Financial cooperative providing financial and credit services to farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses, commercial fishermen, timber producers, rural homeowners.
AgVision (Northwest Farm Credit Services)Program available to young, beginning, and small producers to help with financing.
USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA): Wide range of financing programs including loans for farm operations, minority and beginning farmers and ranchers.
Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Financial Assistance Programs: Financial assistance to encourage sustainable management of natural resources.
Craft3: Lending non-profit that financial assistance and resources to entrepreneurs who do not qualify for traditional loans.

Farm Bureau Bank: Offers small business loans, farm equipment loans, and lines of credit.