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Beginning Farmer/Rancher Programs

Organic Farm SchoolLarge spectrum of learning in the field and classroom over a season on Whidbey Island.
WSU Cultivating Success: Three different courses offered to give beginning and existing farmers tools and skills to develop a sustainable farm business. Offered through WSU Extension and available in many counties across Washington State.
Viva FarmsBilingual farm business incubator and training program in Skagit and King Counties.

Highline College-Sustainable Agriculture Program: Hands-on education in different aspects of sustainable agriculture.
Cloud Mountain Farm Center: Farm incubator and internship programs in Everson, WA.

SnoValley Tilth-Experience Farming Project: Self-directed, participant-driven opportunities for beginner farmers to gain hands-on experience in Snoqualmie Valley.

Rogue Farm Corps: Hands-on and classroom based farmer training programs for both beginning and advanced levels.

Tilth Alliance Farmer e-News: Email list-serv that serves as a resource for farming internships and jobs in Washington State. Check the “WA Farming & Agriculture” box when subscribing.