Young Farmer Seeking Land Opportunity


This past season I have worked for and volunteered at a handful of farms across the western Washington. They are all either veggie, and specialty crops or animals and I learned a lot! I have been working for a farm in Fall City for almost three and a half years now. I am hopeful to find some land to put to good use with regenerative, sustainable, and rotational practices. Having more experience with animals, I would love to start off with chickens and about an acre or one and a half of veggies my first independent season.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

I would love 5-10 acres with mostly open and flat land with water access but no electricity is needed. I am 25 and moved to Washington in 2017 to pursue a Environmental Science degree at UW.

Farming Experience:

I have worked this past year on two veggie farms throughout the summer and I have worked with a pig farm which now also has chickens and sheep for the past few years. None of this was full time work but I loved working the land and seeing the knowledge and labor come to fruition with tangible progressions. They were all fairly small farms with very few staff and as such I volunteered 25 % of my experience which I felt gave room to ask more questions and let me see a bit more behind the scenes. This also gave me more of an insight as to what styles of farming I may be more interested in and what seemed too daunting to start out with. That being said the biggest impediment was finding land which makes financial sense form me now. I do not have the ability to get a mortgage and purchase property at this point.

Crops preferred to work with:


Short term plans for the land / farm business:

Chickens to start on a mobile coop to rotationally graze sustainably with veggies and some specialty crops.

Housing needs: