We are a couple with stable income who want to homestead


I want to start by saying that we have a burning desire to homestead and raise ducks, fruit trees, and berries. Also would like to have pigmy goats for milk. I have a youtube channel and I am going to be stressing the need for hands-on and physical book ownership because if electricity goes down having the resource of books and knowledge that is what we have to get back to. I help with whatever chores I am capable of, but my wife is a long-day work-hard person.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

Ideally we would need a place to stay even if its just RV hookups. We leave everything better than we got it in. And God has even brought me here. We have two dogs, a cat, and guinea pigs at the moment and they have to come too. We are in our mid 30s.

Farming Experience:

We are just beginning, but we are willing to learn how to do anything and we will do it your way cause that is all we know.

Crops preferred to work with:

Tree fruit

Short term plans for the land / farm business:

I would love to have a u-pick berries and fruit trees. We want to have ducks for laying and meat. Hogs for rotation in compressed or current non-useable growing medium. Berries and fruit trees will be grown back to eden style. The vegetable garden is for personal consumption and excess goes to food banks and the homeless. I will also be installing and making money using mason bees and leaf cutter bees which are better for pollination and are native bees. Crownbee will buy back cocoons so that's already there, which I am starting where I am now. I also would like to have a cut flower area for pollinators but also for iris and lily which I can keep growing and separating and selling those as well as a nursery.

Housing needs: