Seeking to lease or purchase: less than 5 acres in Western Washington


After several seasons of apprenticing and working on various small-scale organic diversified vegetable farms and participating in a farm business training program, I am seeking land where I can live and start a farm business. In the short term, I would like to sell vegetables through a CSA, farmer's markets and restaurants, and in the long term, I seek an opportunity to integrate livestock and tree crops. I am particularly interested in connecting with aging farmers who have traveled a similar path and would like to engage in some form of transition process. I am drawn to this work by an insatiable love of food and soil, and a calling to contribute to the healing of human community and planet through thoughtful agricultural practices. I am inspired by people like Mark Shepard, Eliot Coleman, Leah Penniman, John Jeavons, Rudolph Steiner, Jeff and Melanie Carpenter, Joel Salatin, Andrew Mefferd, Chris Blanchard (Farmer to Farmer Podcast), JM Fortier, Bill Mollison, and so many others.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

Farming Experience:

For the past 5 seasons, I have been interning, apprenticing, working, and helping to manage a diverse range of small-scale (under 20 acres) organic vegetable farms with additional experience working with poultry (layers and broilers), sheep, goats (meat), medicinal herbs, and fruit trees. These farms have mostly sold through farmers' markets and CSAs, though I apprenticed for one season on a Food Bank farm, worked one summer on a medicinal herb farm, and have also worked at various school vegetable gardens. After a brief stint on a diversified vegetable farm in Northern California, for the first two full seasons of my farming journey, I worked on two farms on Island County, and I have slowly been making my way down the West Coast to the Bay Area in California, where I now live, but I want to return to farm in Washington! This year, I chose to enroll in the California Farm Academy Beginning Farmer training program in order to gain the business skills I need to run a successful farm operation. I consider myself a lifelong learner, but someone who is fully ready to dive in to running a farm business and open to the many ways that could play out.

Crops preferred to work with:


Short term plans for the land / farm business:

I would like to start out by leasing small acreage (5 acres or less) and operate a vegetable CSA, with a lesser emphasis on farmer's markets and restaurants. I am interested in implementing no-till or low-till practices, and I would like to certify as organic. Ideally, I would like to have the option to extend the lease to become long-term with a potential option to purchase, and I would like to be able to expand my operation to a larger acreage (up to 50 acres) that would be able to eventually incorporate silvopasture systems, or otherwise integrate livestock and perennial crops. However, l would like to start small and slowly work my way up to that through the course of many years. I am open to developing a relationship with a mentor farmer.

Housing needs: