Seeking Small Farm or Homestead : Preferably 20 Acres or Less to Purchase or Lease to Own Near Olympic Penninsula


We're a young family looking to live a quieter and more sustainable life by taking an active role in how our food and our communities food is grown and sourced. Gardening, farming and sustainability have long been hobbies and interests of ours and we have been lucky enough to convert a good deal of space into crops each year while utilizing our smaller greenhouse and raising some chickens for eggs. Ideal situation for us would be to take over an established homestead or small market farm and continue using it for our own sustenance and market sales. This would be our "forever" spot and we have zero interest in ever selling to developers, so there is zero issue with property that has been placed into a land trust. We have accumulated a decent amount of knowledge and practice as urban farmers but definitely have a lot to learn. Any type of tutelage and guidance during the exchange would be welcome.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

Farming Experience:

We converted several hundred square feet of yard space into garden space 6 years ago and have been rotating different crops through those beds using various layouts since then. We have also enjoyed the use of our greenhouse space to practice starting from seed, extend our growing season and expanding what we can attempt to grow. We added chickens a year ago and have enjoyed the ability to utilize them for not only egg production but composting as well.

Crops preferred to work with:

Tree fruit

Short term plans for the land / farm business:

Adapt to the current farm and its' operations while working toward closed loop agriculture, if that is not already established. Establish a small apiary, flower garden, orchard and berry crops, if not already in place, to complement current market offerings. Research viability of CSA share sales and possibility of expanding number of markets attended. Establish cottage sales for baked goods and research viability of establishing a small batch distillery.

Housing needs: