Seeking small farm for duck, chicken, pig and market garden


I'm looking for a small farm--5 acres would be perfect--to raise pasture-raised chickens using chicken tractors, pasture-raised ducks and duck eggs, and a market garden to support the chickens and the farm. Possibly add pigs later on in the future.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

I'm a determined, hard-working father of one. I'm looking for my place to grow roots so I can support my daughter. I am a dog trainer but my whole family used to farm at one point and I used to live on a farm so I'm no stranger to shoveling poop.

Farming Experience:

I used to live on a small "hobby" farm where I took care of 32 chickens, 4 goats, and 2 horses. I was also the lead mover at Smith Gardens for 2 seasons. My Grandfather use to be a farmer and I've got a lot of unused skills and knowledge I need to use.

Crops preferred to work with:

Tree fruit
Greenhouse crops

Short term plans for the land / farm business:

Poultry and market garden selling to farmers markets, restaurants and small grocery stores.

Housing needs: