Seeking Purchase of 10 to 20 Acres in South-Western Washington


We are two farm kids returning to our roots, looking for land to grow organic produce and raise goats, ducks, and alpacas. Eventually, we would like to have a thriving family farm that provides for us and our parents, and allows us to feed our community and share the importance of farming with others through education and media.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

We are a young couple from rural Idaho who have lived in the Seattle area for the past few years. I work as an after school teacher and my husband is a software developer. For the past two years we have been dreaming of owning our own farm and living a sustainable lifestyle that gives back to and builds community and, in the past year, we have been actively working towards this goal and creating a business plan. Both of us have some experience growing up on a farm and know that there is nothing more rewarding or powerful than growing your own food and sharing it with others. We are looking for 10 to 20 acres in Western Washington to start our own organic farm and livestock operation, and to build a tiny house on for us to live in. A few of our friends and family members already plan on moving onto the land with us. Eventually, we would like to share the land with a few other families so we can all support each other and the farm. We also want to teach classes on sustainable living and farming and provide a short summer camp so children can learn about the profession of farming.

Farming Experience:

We both spent some of our childhood growing up on a farm raising livestock and growing vegetables. I have grown some of my own fruits and vegetables all my life, and between us we have experience with goats, chickens, fruit trees, root vegetables, growing in greenhouses, and growing a wide variety of produce. We also have experience constructing small barns and animal shelters.

Crops preferred to work with:

Greenhouse crops

Short term plans for the land / farm business:

In the first year we will build a tiny house to live in and start our establishing our livestock. We plan to have ducks for eggs and to help with pest control in our gardens, Nigerian dwarf goats for milk, and alpacas for fiber. We also plan to purchase and populate a bee hive. We will have a small greenhouse and vegetable garden to provide for our own needs and would like to be able to sell eggs and extra produce at farmers markets in the first year. If we are leasing the land, we will do this for a year or two as a way to establish ourselves, gain knowledge, and save money to purchase our own land. After we have purchased our own land we intend to plant fruit trees and start a CSA for our produce and eggs. We will continue to sell at farmers markets and will increase our variety of products to include goat cheese, goat's milk soap, and hand-spun alpaca yarn.

Housing needs: