Seeking purchase or lease: 5+ acres, Lewis or Cowlitz County


Looking for farm/forest land for sustainable farming practices, to produce quality foods for farm direct sale as well as personal consumption.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

We are a couple with four children who share a passion for self sufficiency, and dream of running our own family farm. I personally have a year of farm-hand experience living and working on an organic co-op using sustainable farming techniques. I also have three years experience in urban farming before that (rabbits and poultry). Admittedly most of my experience is in small scale livestock management, but I have a love of all things that grow. My partner was raised on a working farm, and subsequently has over a decade of direct experience in tree farming specifically. We would like to apply both those areas of expertise, perhaps running a small plant nursery with farm direct sales, a silvopasture operation for trees as well as livestock, or market gardening with a rotational grazing operation. It all depends on what opportunities present themselves to us, and what is realistically feasible on the given property.

Farming Experience:

I ran an ARBA registered rabbitry breeding pedigreed New Zealand rabbits for meat production for one year. I managed a goat herd that I rationally grazed on an organic co-op for one year. We raised goats for meat and milk for personal consumption and did live animal sales. I had a herd of heritage breed pigs on that same farm that I also rationally grazed, and fed entirely on produce from local supermarkets and catering companies I had established relationships with. I did live animal sales with additional charges for on site processing. My partner grew up tending to the Christmas trees on my family farm. Trimming/shaping, fertilizing, thinning, planting, harvesting etc.

Crops preferred to work with:

Tree fruit
Greenhouse crops

Short term plans for the land / farm business:

Farm direct sales, eventually attending local farmers markets for selling produce, selling nursery plants and farm crafts online. Partnering with a local butcher and/or slaughterhouse for legal distribution of animal products on a slightly larger scale.

Housing needs: