Seeking Purchase or Lease: 1-20 acres


Hi! I'm Andrew. In the photo, I'm the younger gent on the left. The others are my co-workers and Owner/Operators of the last farm I worked on, a upick berry farm. I spent the first 20 years of my life on a 40 acre, non-commercial farm in northwest Oregon. Since then I earned a BS in Environmental Science and have worked as a Farmer, Carpenter, Outdoor Guide, Biological and Forestry Technician. In my free time I enjoy cycling, boating, traveling, speaking Spanish, birding; foraging mushrooms, wild plants, seafood and game; and food preservation. While I am the primary land seeker and farmer, I also have a partner and friends who are interested in participating to varying degrees in a new farm enterprise.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

MY IDEAL SITUATION: To purchase 15-20 acres of primarily farm and pasture land. I have modest financial resources and am in search of a land steward who values most the continued good stewardship and conservation of the land. Also ideally I could live on the land in an existing residence, or provide my own tiny house, yurt, or trailer. I would prefer to settle on land that could also be accessible to the wider community for upick and farmstand sales, and occasional events and workshops. MY SECOND CHOICE: I am also interested in buying or leasing smaller parcels. The arrangements I would consider really depend on features of the property and on the relationship that I build with the land owner. With that in mind, I am considering the whole of the state, with a particular interest in settling on land in NW Washington. I'm am dedicated to land management practices that maintain (and hopefully enhance!) biodiversity and soil fertility. To that end, I will strive for high crop diversity, minimum tillage, application of cover crops and organic practices, and enhancement of wildlife and pollinator habitat. I'm wary of burnout and would implement farm plans in a systematic way to guard against chaos and fatigue while a new farm business finds it feet. I would seek off-farm work to provide reliable income during the development phase.

Farming Experience:

I have worked as a farmhand on several small, commercial farms producing fruits, vegetables, and meat for local markets. I'm looking forward to taking on the business management aspect of farming. I have experience with tractors, implements, and occultation methods for weed management.

Crops preferred to work with:

Tree fruit
Greenhouse crops

Short term plans for the land / farm business:

Short Term: I Would inventory the current state of the farm: tree fruit and perennials, soil quality, plant and wildlife species. Then I would make a soil management plan, irrigation plan, crop rotation plan, greenhouse plan. I would start a personal garden and poultry flock straightaway. I would also survey local markets and community members to determine potential niches.

Housing needs: