Seeking purchase, lease or lease-to-own, 20+ acres, western WA


I have agriculture and horticulture education and experience running greenhouses and nursery sales, flower shop management experience, and hobby farm ownership for 10+ years. I am looking to expand out.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

I am looking for land that I can live and work on, water rights/sources a must. There does not need to be any current structures in place, but will work with what's given! The type of soil does not matter--it can always be worked to be the best. The plan is to have Highland beef cattle and pasture-raised poultry to sell for meat and eggs. Eventually I would like to have gutter connected greenhouses to supply local families and businesses with organic crops. I would love to have a couple dairy cows as well, and eventually some hogs! Space for fruit and hoop houses also.

Farming Experience:

Horticultural and agricultural business education, greenhouse management, nursery sales and marketing. Have raised hogs and chickens for 20+ years for sale.

Crops preferred to work with:

Tree fruit
Greenhouse crops

Short term plans for the land / farm business:

Grow crops and meat/eggs to sell.

Housing needs: