Seeking livestock lease in King, Pierce or Snohomish county


A graduate of 4-H, and a long time dairy goat breeder, I'm looking to consolidate the herd and spread my farming wings a bit on a more suitable location while I complete a trade apprenticeship and look for a permanent location for my farm operation.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

I have 20+ years of ruminant management under my belt, 10 of those years in a high quality 4-H club. It's time to find a more usable location to keep my animals and myself in the same space so I can concentrate on completing a trade apprenticeship while working on my farm business skills. Interested in living on site in a travel trailer. I would prefer a perimeter fenced space, but I have electric fence set ups in hand for interior fencing, and experience with setting those up. A old barn with an adjoining pasture would be amazing, but open to possibilities. My ladies are blackberry clearing experts and happy to help with knocking those back if you've got a pasture with that problem. Minimum of 3 acres. I have ~20 adult registered dairy goats and sheep, two LGD, occasionally have veal calves and am the local sucker for special needs/rejected babies in the spring. My animals are tame and most are trained to lead and tie. We've done nativity scenes, shows and a few other educational events as well. The goats and sheep are tested regularly for CAE/OPP (whole herd tests clean), and spot checks for CL and Johnee's (and never had signs or Positive tests for either of the latter two), and have had the whole herd tested once (all Negative) for all of the WA Raw Milk relevant diseases, so I won't bring any "cooties" onto your land. I use predominately natural/Organic practices, with conventional veterinary as backup. I'm familiarizing myself with Holistic Management concepts and intensive grazing, although implementing the latter is where I am running into limitations in my current situation.

Farming Experience:

10 years of Dairy Goat Project in 4-H 20 consecutive years (8 generations) of registered dairy goats ~5 years of sheep and calves 1 year of Tilth's Farm incubator program

Crops preferred to work with:


Short term plans for the land / farm business:

Develop the lamb and veal markets, set up intensive rotational grazing paddocks

Housing needs: