Seeking lease or other arrangement, .25-10 acres in Whatcom county


My partner and I have 6+ years of vegetable and livestock farming experience between us and we're just starting to look for land and thinking about starting our own farm business. Imagining a small mixed vegetable operation with hand tools .25-1 acre.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

Looking for access to land one way or another! Open to different types of arrangements.

Farming Experience:

I've worked on a few different farms for the last 4 seasons, mostly mixed vegetables, but also have experience with pigs, sheep, goats, chicken and ducks. Currently I work at a farm in Acme, WA raising vegetables, chickens, and sheep. My partner has worked on farms the last 3 seasons with mixed vegetables, hogs, and nursery work. We have a little homestead where we raise pigs, vegetable, and poultry.

Crops preferred to work with:


Short term plans for the land / farm business:

Looking for a small amount of land to start a small sustainable organic market garden. Would like to have or build a wash/pack shed with a walk-in cooler and a tool shed, otherwise I don't need much infrastructure. Happy to discuss more future plans!

Housing needs: