Seeking Lease for 1+ acre for Graduate thesis work on Agricultural Land Restoration


I am a Permaculture student with the Permaculture Institute of North America who is working toward dual Master’s Degree candidacy in Environmental Science and Environmental Policy and Management. My intent with graduate study is to perform agricultural land restoration using Permaculture and Restoration Agriculture principles. This could include any level of landowner interest and/or involvement, as I would love to share skills through the restoration process. I would love to discuss further details or questions regarding these goals and projects.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

Approximately 1+ acre of land to apply permaculture and regenerative agriculture principles. Flexible to landowner’s desired involvement at all levels. I intend to do in-depth property and resource assessment and carry out several years of restoration, soil and biodiversity regeneration, and transition from primarily annual to perennial cropping. The end goal is to transform agricultural land to a sustainable and organic closed-loop farm.

Farming Experience:

Master Gardener Home Horticulture Certified, Permaculture Design Certificate (due to graduate 03/2021), Biology, Environmental Science, Native Plants and Medicines of PNW, and ~5 yrs P-Patch Gardening.

Crops preferred to work with:

Tree fruit
Greenhouse crops

Short term plans for the land / farm business:

Short term: Perform in-depth land and systems analyses, earthworks and water conservation efforts for irrigation and optimal land use for property’s bio region and watershed, construct greenhouse/nursery, invasive species removal with subsequent reintroduction of propagated native plants and other species supportive of native pollinator species. Establishment of hives and production of bee products plus tender annual plant and native plant sales to fund farm installation efforts and establishment of perennial crops (berries, fruit trees, etc.) for future long-term sales. Long term plans: My hope long term is to also raise livestock such as sheep or goats and poultry for farm nutrient cycling, pest species control, egg sales and potentially other value added products. My long-term goal is to convert a farm previously using non-organic and unsustainable land management practices to an energy efficient closed-loop farm that requires low energy inputs from future land-stewards to guide my graduate thesis project related to sustainable land management and environmental policy.

Housing needs: