Seeking lease: 1-10 Acres in Washington State to host bee hives


Seeking land to host bee hives. Currently have hives at different locations, but would like to find more land to expand on. Ideal property would would be accessible by vehicle. Usually no charge, unless hives are needed for pollination of crops (organic farms preferred). If you are looking to rent the land, I would pay to host the hives on the property. Ideally, minimum 25 hives per property.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

Beekeeper looking to expand into Washington State. Remote (as long as accessible by vehicle) and non-remote locations welcome.

Farming Experience:

Beekeeper with a few seasons under my belt.

Crops preferred to work with:


Short term plans for the land / farm business:

Find an adequate area for honey production.

Housing needs: