Seeking land with or without living arrangements


Brand new farmer, long time worker, seeking a minimum of 30 acres to pursue regenerative agriculture dreams. I want to improve the soil, strengthen and diversify where necessary native grass species and produce the best tasting meat possible. I plan to follow profit models that are well established and are only proving more and more profitable as larger supply chain operations may be disrupted by geopolitics. I believe that if given the opportunity I would be able to make just about any plot of land profitable and lavishly productive within a years time. Given the freedom to pursue this regenerative agriculture dream, I will showcase the bounty of Washington State and showcase my agricultural heritage and always attempt to make something that my great-grandparents would be proud of.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

I'm a former all-source intelligence analyst for the US Army, a graduate of St Martin's University in Lacey, WA, and for a short time I thought I wanted to be a lawyer in Wilmington, DE. Upon returning to my saner self and returning to Washington I've been pursuing the dream of regenerative agriculture. I'd love to supply the best food possible to the people around me and that dream takes shape in regenerative ag in the way that a small amount of land can become productive beyond known capacities when the right mix of animals and seeding operations can bring the soil to new life. I'd be seeking to set up a small greenhouse and shed or outbuilding of some kind for a specialty mushroom operation since there is a market gap in the Washington market for a diversified specialty mushroom business. Before joining the Army and being stationed in a very active and vigorous Stryker Brigade Combat Team Infantry Unit, I was engaged in trail work all over the Pacific Northwest all the way to Idaho. I extremely enjoyed hard work before being trained by the Army in Intel and geo-targeted information synthesis, after the Army I can say that I am choosing a life based on what I feel is the best path for the world and for my personal moral objectives. Trail work when I was young was a great base for the Army, and when I was engaged in trail building and weeding projects, wetland restoration, and forestry projects, I benefited enormously. Combined with the extreme level of technological training received from the Army and from my brief stint in law school, I see my transition to farming being informed at an objectively higher level than average. I don't mind rustic, off-grid or remote. The tougher the land, the better my proof of concept will be as I plan to document the success of the farming philosophy as it is ongoing and receive feedback and discussion from online sources. If I have to go into a town once per week and get internet through a third party I will not mind for the first few months, but eventually permission to install satellite internet would be requested. I have a military communications background and would love to find a landlord relationship that would be amenable to my somewhat terse communication style. I've seen a lot of life, and I've been to a lot of places, at this point I want to devote myself to the land of my birth and land that I want to prove can provide all the food, fiber, and nutrients that we as citizens need. I'm happy to pitch in to help with an ongoing operation, provided it would be less than about fifteen hours a week or so of work of a landlord/operation manager. I would prefer immediate permission to build a composting toilet if off-grid includes no facilities. If facilities do exist, and things like water/sewer/power are set up, then I would be requesting permission to build a sauna structure (using off-grid tech) immediately since my veteran related health regime includes frequent saunas. I'm a data driven decision maker, but I also love a challenge and a humble start. Feel free to contact me with challenges and opportunities, I hope to find a place to start growing as soon as possible, as of this writing it is April 25, 2020. Thanks for reading through all this if you have, I appreciate the attention to detail and interest in this dream of mine!

Farming Experience:

Land shaping only! I have experience in silvaculture, water management through retaining walls, watercourse management, swails, and bridges throughout the Pacific Northwest as a crew leader for Northwest Youth Corps(NYC). NYC takes primarily BLM and USFS contracts for land improvement through trail building, trail maintenance, and watercourse management within a conservation mindset with the nature course of the land and leave no trace principles being central to the mission. Upon joining the Army a few years after crew leading I gained the experience required to manage diverse and complex patterns of data and became adept at processing the rules requirements and the natural requirements and the difference between the two. I've come to a level of clarity on what I want to do with my time every day that I doubt many people have, my conclusion is that I must contribute to the natural course of the land, if animals and crops are intermingled and matched in ways that will ensure local food supplies.

Crops preferred to work with:


Short term plans for the land / farm business:

Mushroom business requiring some kind of shed or out building, and a duck and turkey operation for immediate food security and profit within a club purchasing model, chickens, fishing and hunting opportunities will be prioritized, and I will be working with an online model of purchasing for hatched duck eggs and mushroom spores since that profit stream will be relatively immediate. Living arrangements or the permission to live off-grid/on the land will be my ultimate priority for efficiency's sake. I would like to start living a vastly simpler life as soon as possible. I will be travelling with one other business partner who will assist me in daily tasks and business operations, and with whom I share philosophical beliefs like independence and self-reliance. I have a cat, five turkeys, and an excessive amount of books that I will be happy to cram into a yurt, a trailer, a house, or a tent while getting the immense opportunity to love the land and facilitate the highest and best use of animals through regenerative agriculture principles.

Housing needs: