Seeking land for vegetable production: 2-6 acres in Whatcom/Skagit county


Two women farm partners looking for farmable land to start our food business on. We are looking to do a no-till 2-6 acre organic operation with the possibility of having a greenhouse on the land. We would need access to water for irrigation and possible access to electricity. We want this to be a beneficial agreement between both parties. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

We are two women in our late 20’s ready to start our farming careers. I Emma have seven years experience in their field, with years of schooling as well. Maddy has the business oriented mind and with a passion for plants. We want to practice farming in a way that benefits the community and the land together. We are looking to rent land that has access to water for irrigation and potentially storage spacing but we are adaptable people and are willing to work with what we’ve got. We thank you for the opportunity and we would cherish your land.

Farming Experience:

In 2011, I went to Montana state university for a sustainable food system degree. After that I worked for two season on a 20 acre organic mixed vegetable farm as a farmhand and took over as wash/pack manager for the third season. I moved to WA in 2018 and worked as a bamboo farmer for a season. I then got in contact with local farmers in the area and worked for two small acreage market farms. I made valuable connections in the community and learned the ways of the farmers market. For the last two season through present, I have been managing a 10 acre certified organic, herb and veggie farm. I now have enough experience in the field and managing farms that I am ready to venture off on my own farming endeavors.

Crops preferred to work with:

Greenhouse crops

Short term plans for the land / farm business:

Me and my farm partner are looking to start a small acreage no-till organic farm. We plan to do a 25-30 person csa as well as a few farmers markets in the area. We are looking to build community and focus on educational experiences for people. We want to provide this community with nutritional food that is good for the soil health too.

Housing needs: