Seeking land for lease for market garden and pastured poultry/rabbits


I am a chef turned farmer in the recent years, coming from a 1/2 acre market garden in 2019 and moving back to Western Washington. I am looking for a space to continue my efforts into growing and raising food with organic practices. Since I cooked for so long, my plan is to sell to former colleagues and mentors as well as have a small CSA. I studied business and food, and now I want to make it a profitable practice that can also help communities.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

My name is Nicholas Caudill and I'm a 31 year old chef/farmer/carpenter. I spent over a decade focused on quality food and building relationships with farmers and purveyors. I always knew I would end up finding a way to share my love for good food with more people, and I did last year with my 1/2 acre market garden in Pend Orielle County Washington. But my wife wanted to be closer to family, so we moved back to the west coast where I grew up and worked most of my life. I have a deep passion for high quality food and after growing a successful but smaller operation, i'm seeking a bigger space where I can implement more permaculture into my mix as well as maintain the market garden business mindset while building community with neighbors and make friends on this coast.

Farming Experience:

I grew a 1/2 acre market Garden in eastern Washington near the idaho boarder with around 60 different crops divided up into 3 different gardens. 1 for main market production, 1 for herbs and edible flowers and 1 for experimental and potential future crops. I had 4 market streams including 3 farmers markets, 3 CSA families, 1 coop store and 2 restaurants. I have also run an intercity garden for a church in seattle.

Crops preferred to work with:

Greenhouse crops

Short term plans for the land / farm business:

My Short term plans would be to establish at least 15 high rotation and/or higher value crops for restaurants and CSA members. I also plan to start a pastured poultry operation as well as a meat rabbit operation that would co exist in a hoop house called a raken house. (see Polyface Farms for example.) For the winter time, I would utilize pigs in the Raken house to till up the deep bedding built up in the warmer months.

Housing needs: