Seeking farm land for lease in King co


Hoping to produce my own food. I am a business owner of a landscape design, and maintenance company. I would like to make my own high quality compost. I would like to store potted plants as well. I have over 4 years of growing experience. I have worked my way from intern to farm manager to business owner.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

Farming Experience:

Wren is passionate about growing plants, animals, and mushrooms while protecting, and providing for the environment. When not in the garden, she spends her time in the forest foraging for mushrooms and medicinal plants. Wren’s research into a more sustainable future was sparked while living and studying graphic design at Nuova Academia di Belle Arti, in Milano. She worked on her first farm in Pescosoliodo, Italy where the motto is ‘Piano Piano’ meaning ‘slow slow’. Homemade wine and mulberries right off the tree... what’s not to love. Since coming back to the states she has become a certified permaculture designer, after training with Alderleaf Wilderness College. She continued to educate herself with work on farms, gardens and construction management. Through more than four years of inquiry into permaculture and beyond she has gained skills and certificates in carpentry, animal wifery, beekeeping, ethnobotany, ecology, tracking, seed saving, grafting, pruning, and biodynamic practices. She continues to take classes through plant amnesty to become a master pruner. She started Wren’s Roots in early 2020 as a return to her own roots. She always considered herself an artist and by being a permaculture landscape designer she can lichenize her skills and passions to create beautiful designs and resilient gardens.

Crops preferred to work with:


Short term plans for the land / farm business:

Year one I would like to use the land to feed myself and my partner. This would help my business grow by giving me space to grow nursery plants. I would also like to make high quality compost to use for my compost tea that I offer to my landscaping clients. After year one of growing our own veggies we may consider expanding the operation to feed more people.

Housing needs: