Seeking Farm, Future, Home in PNW


We are a couple (both 29) looking for a foothold into starting our own future in farming. We are seeking either: the right piece of land so that we can start our own from the drawing board, or the right relationship with retiring farmers who might be willing to entrust their land/hard work over to us. We are seeking land, or land with a farm/home. Becca: She has an agriculture degree and 8 years of experience working in responsible, regenerative vegetable production. And a desire to work with the land, and using sustainable practices. Ryan: Has worn many hats (wilderness therapy guide, special needs educator, landscaper, farmer, construction laborer). He would be providing the off-farm income. We: There's still a lot to learn, especially if relocating and needing to get to know an area, but we have the energy and motivation. (Currently in Vermont, but past five years in Oregon and Northern California). We have a dream of building a diverse farm that serves the community, the land, and our own needs. Some potential ideas for land use aside from veggie production - We would love to increase organic food access for lower income people, provide educational camps/tours for younger people, and potentially build small cottages for B&B income.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

We are looking for a long term future, on a beautiful piece of land. With access to a community to call home.

Farming Experience:

Becca currently serves as the assistant manager for a small organic vegetable and livestock farm in Vermont, managing the vegetable production side of the farm. She has a rotating stall of part time workers who she oversees. She does the planning, and the harvesting, and everything in between. Before that she worked in California on a small vegetable farm, and before that she was employed as a farm educator at a summer camp. Graduated from Chico State (Agricultural Sciences) in 2017. Ryan has been a part to full time farm crew member on various farms in Oregon, as well as a property caretaker.

Crops preferred to work with:

Tree fruit
Greenhouse crops

Short term plans for the land / farm business:

To start slow. If necessary, for him to generate some side income to supplement us as we build. Slowly. We are not looking to race to expansion and more debt than we can handle. We want to step forward, but slowly and surely. We are open and flexible! If a good opportunity arises, we would love to hear about it. Potentially could be happy with different situations in the beginning.

Housing needs: