Seeking acreage (2-15 acres) in cool wet climate


My husband and I are looking to start a small farm with the main crop being a riverbed-type plant. We will be having greenhouses starting with 2. We will not be looking to live on the property, but if there is an option to live on the property the easier it will be. We're looking for a long-term contract to help grow our farm development. It's important that there is plenty of water available on the property, no hills please (a gentle slope is not something we can work with). We want to create a quality farm and build a strong culture of viable living.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

My name is Shannon and my husband is Brian, we're the Beattie Family. We believe in hard work, spreadsheets, and farming. We are looking to grow crops for market gardening. We absolutely want to bring the community together through agriculture. We have a plan to grow our main crop, but it requires cool summers and mild winters. We want to lease land under the right conditions to see if we can grow our main crop in that location.

Farming Experience:

Brian has spent half of his life farming in Colorado. He also has experience taking houses a part and moving them. Shannon has experience in marketing.

Crops preferred to work with:

Greenhouse crops

Short term plans for the land / farm business:

We have the expense to start right away with placing the greenhouses up and invest in our main crop. End of winter we want to plan out the layout of market crops to help balance the cost of growing our main crop. Our ROI is 1-3 years from when the greenhouses are set up. During that time, we want to do a farmers market and develop a rapport with the community and local restaurants.

Housing needs: