Seeking 5-10 acres to lease or purchase for farm and homesteading in Clark and Cowlitz


We are an established farm in Clark County looking to expand our farmers market bulk produce operation to a more permanent location . Our farm has been in business for 7 years and specialize in a variety of produce while also creating value added products such as; salves, canned goods, crafts and woodworking projects. We also teach classes on farming and homesteading through the Washington State University Extension Program.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

Our first choice is flat pasture land that we can help preserve by getting it zoned into agriculture. We would work with the Farm Land Conservation District for this. Clark County is losing farmland at an alarming rate and conservation is our first priority when it comes land ownership. Our second choice would be forest property, that we could conserve and create a working permaculture farm focusing on native species that are becoming endangered.

Farming Experience:

We have been renting farmland in Clark County for 7 years. We started out with a small 10 person CSA and farm stand that grew to include, bulk sales at a food hub, two farmers markets, online orders and onsite pickups. Over the last 3 years Rachel, the main farmer, has become a manager to several up and coming farms to help them get started. She also lends her farming knowledge to the WSU Extension office for classes on soil, and growing techniques.

Crops preferred to work with:

Tree fruit
Greenhouse crops

Short term plans for the land / farm business:

First year would be spent preparing the land for the next years season, building structures that are needed and acquiring the tools needed to be successful.

Housing needs: