Seeking 40-200 acres Land for Sale with Water Rights for Polyculture Farm


We are seeking 40-200 acres of farm/ranch/ag land that is in a decent climate for farming, has water rights, and could be used to start a polyculture farm. We do not want to rent or lease, but might consider a lease-to-own option. We do not require buildings on the land. We are flexible on the land size because, even though we would love to help maintain a huge food forest, we also don't want to miss out on any great parcels that might be adequate for a majority of our goals.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

My name is Ciara Ryan-Todd, and I am looking for land with a group of 4 other like-minded individuals who want to develop a polyculture farm. Our mission is to regenerate the soil and utilize sustainable living/farming practices in order to grow nutrient dense food to nourish our local communities. We have a business plan developed, and would like to start with chickens, sheep, mushrooms, an aviary and possibly hemp (it has now been federally legalized). We plan to have greenhouses/hoop houses, vegetable gardens, herbs and an orchard. Our long-term goals for this project include developing a large food forest to help the local ecosystem thrive and educational programs for the community as well as others trying to start farming/self-sustaining operations. Between the five of us, we have about 10 years of varying farm and landscaping experience, a few years of construction experience, and many years of business/marketing experience. We are very passionate about this project and are looking all over the Pacific Northwest for land, including in Oregon and Northern California.

Farming Experience:

Farming experience from various members of our group include 3 years landscaping and growing crops in Oregon, 3 years general farming (herbs, hoop houses, livestock), 1 year mushroom farm experience, 6 months oyster farming. 5+ Years of education ranging on topics from soil regeneration, plant propagation, plant identification, polyculture farming and sustainable living practices.

Crops preferred to work with:

Tree fruit
Greenhouse crops

Short term plans for the land / farm business:

Once we have completed our surveying of the land and designed our blueprint of crops, housing and structure locations, livestock, etc. we will first focus on housing. We are currently planning to build 1-2 Quonset huts on the property so that we have more permanent and comfortable living quarters (starting out we will have RVs/trailers). Our initial farm operations/income producing activities will include chicken eggs, mushrooms (predominantly shiitake, with 1-3 other common and specialty mushrooms), an aviary (honey, beeswax, propylis, pollen, etc.), and, if allowed, hemp. We picked these things because they will help create the foundation for the rest of the farm's growth- chickens help with fertilizing and pests, bees help with pollination, hemp helps with nitrogen balancing in soil and can be used for countless goods/materials, and mushrooms will give us a quick start-up for reaching out to local food markets/restaurants. We will also have some sheep to start off to help with soil health in the pastures/crop areas. As soon as we can, we will be creating food gardens and greenhouses for both personal consumption and to begin selling when feasible.

Housing needs: