Seeking 2-6 acres for livestock in Snoqualmie River Valley


I own and operate Feral Woman Farm (, a third season established farm business raising pork, lamb, chicken, rabbit. I am looking to lease 2-6 acres between Fall City and Snohomish to lease for raising and grazing livestock.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

I'm an established farm business focused on pasture-based production of pork, lamb, chicken and rabbit. In addition to food production, I offer educational opportunities to those interested in learning more about homestead meat production, and hands on opportunities for children to interact with and learn about farm animals and agriculture. When not working on my farm, I work as an apprentice butcher for a family owned butcher shop. Here, I'm focusing on learning the art and trade of whole animal butchery. I'm passionate about participating in and supporting our local agricultural community by connecting farmers and local consumers over food raised well. I'm currently in search of 2-6 acres of land to lease year round with at least 1-2 acres of high/dry space for wintering livestock. I need some level pasture space, but gentle slopes are okay too. I'm also okay with a good bit of woodlot space (if not too overgrown) and can work within the trees with hogs and goats. I'm looking to stay between Fall City and Snohomish with a preference for Duvall, Carnation and Monroe. open to a little further south towards Maple Valley are, and a little east towards Sultan. All of my infrastructure is temporary, including electric net fencing and mobile shelters. Though, it would be ideal if there were pre-existing structures on-site (like a barn or storage shed). I also need access to water and electricity. I'm open to creative housing solutions. It would be ideal to keep my tiny house on site, at least seasonally, but not a dealbreaker. I can bring also rent an existing room/dwelling. I implement sustainable farming practices including rotational grazing, prioritizing forage growth, and proper manure application.

Farming Experience:

I've been working on a variety of farms and operating my own small businesses for the past 10 years.

Crops preferred to work with:


Short term plans for the land / farm business:

My short term plans for 2021 are: - Finish 75 broilers chickens on pasture monthly March-November - Raise 8-16 single-batch butcher hogs for custom share customers - Offer monthly chicken & rabbit butchery workshops (March-June/Sept-Dec) - Sell 10 holiday roaster pig shares - Test lamb enterprise (sell lamb shares, assess value) - Flesh out business plans, apply for grants and funding for building WSDA Cut & Wrap shop - Secure a long-term land situation for farm and WSDA cut & wrap shop

Housing needs: