New Farmer Seeks Land


I am looking for a small plot where I can begin to practice regenerative agricultural practices. I have experience working with a nursery, producing microgreens, and both building and operating hydroponics systems. Presently I am a rep in the restaurant industry, where I have 14 years of experience. It would be great to find a landowner looking for a flexible situation, as I plan to start small, and initially plan to use this for education before attempting of larger scale for profit. Ideally, it would be great to work out a situation where rent was partially paid in dividends from the farm’s production. Ultimately, I would like to grow vegetables, and pasture raise both pigs and chickens on rotation. The primary goal being that the land would be richer and lusher as a result of the pasture management.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

Farming Experience:

I have owned a business called Mike Grows Greens that specialized in microgreens production, as well as custom hydroponics systems. Throughout my childhood, I raised everything from guinea pigs and rats to dogs cats and at one point 60+ pigeons. My father is a wildlife biologist and spent many years helping him in the field, and my sister is a ruminant nutritionist who consults with farmers nationally.

Crops preferred to work with:


Short term plans for the land / farm business:

I am looking to start small learning more in-depth about land management and regenerative agriculture.

Housing needs: