New Farmer Seeks 10+ Acres


My name is Mike, I currently lease a small farm in Redmond, and am looking for a larger area of land to both live and farm on. I am thirty years old, single, and have both a dog and a cat that live with me. I have owned a hydroponics and microgreens company for the last five years; and have worked at nursery’s, farms, and with a myriad of animals throughout my life. Currently, I am a technology consultant for restaurants in the Seattle area and primarily work from home. At the farm I presently lease, I have four pigs, a dozen chickens, and a small garden. My management practice involves heavily rotating animals to regenerate soil and create symbiotic relationships within the ecology of the land. I would like to add ruminants and other species to the operation at the new space as well. At the moment, I am not attempting to make any profits, and expect to expand this into business at the new location. I am looking for a minimum of ten acres and can be flexible with lease length, but would prefer a range near two years or more. Being able to live somewhere on the property is essential for us. If a structure is available excellent, otherwise, we can bring a trailer or build a shed-style tiny house to dwell in. Freedom is my biggest need and having space for my projects and animals, and a quiet place to end the day is my ultimate goal. Ideally, I would like to start moving projects over to the new farm within the next 60 days or so. I live in an apartment currently, and this would give me time to smoothly transition myself and animals over. I am flexible with rent and preferably would like to work something out where you can take advantage of all of the delicious food being produced, and an extra hand for labor. Hopefully, your piece of land would make a good fit for both of our goals. If you know of anyone else additionally that may be looking for a tenant such as myself I’m pretty open to what is out there Best

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

Farming Experience:

I have owned a business called Mike Grows Greens that specialized in microgreens production, as well as custom hydroponics systems. Throughout my childhood, I raised everything from guinea pigs and rats to dogs cats and at one point 60+ pigeons. My father is a wildlife biologist and spent many years helping him in the field, and my sister is a ruminant nutritionist who consults with farmers nationally.

Crops preferred to work with:

Greenhouse crops

Short term plans for the land / farm business:

I am looking to expand my current homestead operation into a viable business

Housing needs: