Land for lease to own for a tiny house


I am looking for land for lease to own with a sizable down payment in the Puget Sound area. I would also consider leasing land and working the land in exchange for parking until I find a lot to purchase. I am willing to travel from Bellingham to Centrailia. I would prefer 1+ acres with a 5-10 year term. I am hoping to have a small organic farm and some chickens, with a place to park an off grid RVIA certified tiny house, and eventually build a permanent residence on the land. If you have any leads or would be willing to lease to own your property please contact me! Any information is much appreciated!

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

I am a single mom trying to find a way to get out of apartment living and back to the country life. I have found that would be possible in a tiny home, However, finding the land to park it on has been the most difficult part of the journey. Rather than giving up, I am looking for something lease to own where my kiddo can run and play and experience the childhood I got to experience growing up on property.

Farming Experience:

I have worked on a dairy farm milking 550+ cow's a day. I had to round up the cattle and hook them up to machines following proper procedures. I have 30+ indoor plants that thrive. I have grown a wide variety of vegetables for personal use. I have shoveled stalls and cleaned barns as well as collected eggs, handled horses, bottle fed goats, etc. I have also run large equipment and tractors. I have had jobs in landscaping and hardscaping building retaining wall, brick driveways, caring for lawns and shrubs, pulled weeds, and planted greenery for clients. Growing up, I had to split wood and help the family cut down trees as well. I can do almost anything requiring hard labor outside.

Crops preferred to work with:

Tree fruit
Greenhouse crops

Short term plans for the land / farm business:

For land, I plan to park a tiny house and save money in order to eventually build a house. I plan to have a composing toilet, a water catchment system, and run off propane and solar. I plan to have an organic farm and grow all my own food including raising cattle and poultry. Anything that I cannot use, I plan to sell via CSA boxes or farmers market.

Housing needs: