Experienced farmer seeking to Purchase or Lease-to-Own: 5 Acres around Puget Sound


I am an experienced farmer looking for a 5 acre parcel where I can run a small market garden, as well as incorporate rotational grazing for livestock. I would like to find land to purchase or lease to own.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

I am a seasoned farmer with decades worth of agricultural and horticultural experience. I grew up working around my parent's homestead and perennial plant nursery, where we grew vegetables for our community and where we raised a variety of livestock, ranging from chickens to rabbits, goats and pigs. We even kept peacocks, pheasants and Emus. I previously ran a farm in the Republic of Ireland called 'Summerlands Farm' (visit our instagram & facebook page @summerlandsveg to learn more about our story). In wake of Covid- 19, my wife and I felt a need to move back to the Pacific Northwest in order to be closer to friends and family. We are determined to reestablish Summerlands Farm, but only when we come across land that will fit our farm context. I specialize in regenerative agricultural methods. This includes no tilling of soil when it comes to vegetable production and rotational grazing when it comes to managing livestock. I am aiming at running a farm the revolves around holistic management. For the first few seasons, I will start with a 1/2 acre market garden. I will then expand into egg and broiler production once the market garden is well established and has a good customer base. Eventually, once the farm has gone through the first five seasons or so, I hope to integrate four legged animals such as sheep and bovine. It is essential for any farmer to start with one enterprise and then to plan from there, although I plan to start small and to remain small enough for human scale production. Therefore, I am looking for land that can cater to a small market garden and will also provide enough space for rotational grazing. My hope is to find land that has an established well and either includes a house or a location where I can erect a modular home. My last, but not least preference would be for the farm to be at least 10- 30 minutes away from a local township. My farm inspirations include Richard Perkins from Ridgedale Permaculture in Sweden, Charles Dowding from Homeacres in the UK, Allan Savory (author of the book Holistic Management), Joel Salatin from Polyface Farm, and Wendell Berry.

Farming Experience:

I grew up working around my parent's homestead, starting from a very young age. My father and I grew vegetables for our community (using intensive growing methods) and we raised a variety of livestock, ranging from chickens to rabbits, goats and pigs. We even kept peacocks, pheasants and Emus. I helped run the homestead up until I started attending university, during which time I spent three seasons growing vegetables on a 200 square foot plot at a community garden. This was also a period in which I gaining further, in-depth understanding of farming, reading multiple books from well known farmers, as well as listening to farm podcasts. In 2019, I decided to change my career path directly towards becoming a full time farmer and made the leap to farm on land that my parents purchased in the Republic of Ireland. My wife and I named the farm 'Summerlands Farm' after the Summerlands trail in Mt. Rainier National Park. During the time that we ran the farm, we took part in the Castletroy Farmers Market in the city of Limerick, as well as established a stall at our local town center. We kept a farm gate shop at the farm, where customers would come by and purchase produce. We also started the first ever REKO ring in the city of Limerick, which included other farmers and produces. Further more, we operated a small microgreen production. In wake of Covid- 19 however, my wife and I felt a need to move back to the Pacific Northwest in order to be closer to friends and family.

Crops preferred to work with:

Tree fruit
Greenhouse crops

Short term plans for the land / farm business:

My short term plan is to start with a 1/2 acre market garden with which I will be growing diverse vegetables, using the no- till system. The plan is to establish a CSA model, as well as selling to restaurants and taking part in local farmers markets. My other short term goal is to start a REKO ring. REKO rings are becoming popular throughout Europe, but are not as well known in the United States. A REKO ring can be defined as a sales model, which includes buying local food directly from producers to consumers. This model sells products based on pre-orders made through a close Facebook group. Farmers and produces are able to deliver the products to agreed market place and consumers can pick up all products they have ordered at the same time from different producers. This is a sales model that I hope to bring to the Pacific Northwest. I truly believe that this sales model will catch on quickly among consumers.

Housing needs: