Looking for 20+ acres in Clark


Looking for 20 plus acres to raise beef, swine, poultry and grow vegetables, fruit trees would be a plus.

Who I am and What I'm looking for:

I am a life longer farmer. 4-H er for life. I want to raise beef, swine and poultry. I also want to raise crops. I have a few pigs and layer chickens now. I am sold out of eggs every week I have a great clients. I grow vegetables, and pick every fruit tree available to me. I have sold out my plum jam and blackberry jam is still selling. I love to grow vegetables, can and bake. I also have a working cow horse. I am also a life long equestrian. I have worked on beef ranches in Colorado and south Dakota. I am a registered nurse by profession -- I understand to only rely on farming is very difficult . I can run heavy equipment and any tractor. I had an old 1960 Massey's Ferguson back home. Had to choke the old tractor and pray and swear to get her started been once she ran there was no stopping the old girl. I also raised French Alpine milking goats. A lot of demand for goat soap, and other products. I am looking for land to lease to raise livestock and crops would like to lease with option to buy. I want a working farm to someday leave my two sons. Both my boys have their CDLs and work hard and where raised bucking hay and raising animals and 4-H. We are hard workers and my partner is a carpenter, can build anything.

Farming Experience:

I worked with Angus Herefords for 5 + years. Raising, breeding and giving medical attention. I can give vaccinations and place life saving IVs in calves when needed. I raised dairy milking goats, also holstein dairy for 4-H. I am currently raising pork small scale. I have raised poultry since I was a small child.

Crops preferred to work with:

Tree fruit

Short term plans for the land / farm business:

Enlarge my poultry business now. Sold out of eggs every week. Raise beef: I have worked with cattle for 5+years. Raise crops to sell , fruit and vegetables. I also would like to expand my canning production. I am small scale now due to limited land access.

Housing needs: