MOU-Looking for someone to love our land!


We currently own 55 acres on the Samish River in Skagit County for over 30 years. Most of it is CREP, but there is viable acreage in homesteading area. My aging grandfather was no longer able to care for the land, so it became neglected with blackberries and alders over the years. I took over with my family in about 3 years ago. It is our homestead and we follow permacultural sustainable practices. We have a pasture with a horse and 1 cow, who is headed to butcher in January. There is a 100 year old barn and access to water and power in the heavy use/barn area. The farm and homestead have been around for over a hundred years. There is so much potential! We want to see it become something of function and beauty. Native plants working in symbiosis with the land and resources. Not monoculture, but a variety of things growing to benefit each other. We have a small greenhouse and want to build a few outbuildings. We want to restore the barn to its previous prestigious glory. We will eventually use the land for education and low volume production. We have a tractor and tools to help us succeed in restoration efforts. We are looking for someone to love the land like we do. It really does take a village to succeed and we want people that want to help our property become something amazing again. It is a slice of paradise. There is a ton of potential, but with us starting a local food business, we cannot handle the land, family, and everything else in between! We are not looking for payment to work on our land, and we will give independence within reason. All we ask in return is if you are growing something, we can use the area for educational purposes and a small percentage of foods you grow. To be clear, the land needs work to be workable. Clearing is a must. We have a farm management plan that we are implementing. Projects are abundant and we would love to invite someone to the property that is willing to trade work for use. Farm use will not be available overnight, nor will it be easy. But if you are looking for up to an acre to bring into production and want to work to get it back to its former beauty, than this is the right fit for you!

Current Use:

We are using it for private homestead permaculture and animals.

Available Water / Irrigation:

Water rights for river, pond or lake access

Soil Type / Quality:

Sandy loam with old river bed, some clay and great top soil from previous pastured herds.

Buildings and Structure Available for Use:

A barn and limited amenities as needed.

Farm Equipment Available for Use, Sale or Lease:

We have small equipment, tractor, trailers, and a variety of tools.

Any Restrictions That Could Limit Use for Farming:

No smoking. no illegal drug use. No violent crime history. Single use or couple only. Homestead is private area unless agreed upon separately. Possible background check needed, due to children on site. Please contact for more info.