Land Available: 0.25 Acres in Issaquah, WA Tiger Mountain Road


Located on Tiger Mountain Road in south Issaquah (Mirrormont area), we are offering to share our land with like-minded individual(s) who live nearby who are searching for land to design, prepare, plant, and cultivate their dream garden. Our grassland parcel is approx ¼ acre (60 ft X 200 ft) and located on a slight uphill slope that has direct sun exposure (5% grade, SW facing). The parcel is cleared however, it needs to be prepped and planted for this summer’s growing season. We are looking for someone who can invest approx 1 week upfront (40 hrs) to design and build out the garden, then 1 day/week (8 hrs) to cultivate and harvest. Tasks will include garden design, preparation (tilling/terracing/planting), cultivation (weeding/watering), and harvesting (to collect the bounty). For inspiration, check out The Urban Homestead where a family of 4 produces most of their own food and $60,000 a year on just a fifth of an acre! https://urbanhomestead dot org/. There are no utilities on the property, but we’d love to install a water collection and irrigation system that leverages natural rainfall and run-off (ideas wanted!). We are happy to cover all capital-improvement costs (within reason) including site prep, fencing, garden shed, chicken coop, etc. In return, you’ll earn bountiful organic produce, great experience (garden design, companion planting, sustainable farming, water management, etc.), and time in the sunshine! This is a multi-year opportunity and we are flexible on terms (we’ll work out the details together and put it in writing so everyone is on the same page). Thanks for reading and we hope to discuss this opportunity to garden with you soon!

Current Use:

Currently, it is not being utilized for any type of farming/garden. Occasionally, a neighbor brings their horse to eat the grass.

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