For Lease: 50+ Acres in Klickitat County


Property is located in Husum, Washington. Property is more than 100 acres. Fifty acres is a very rough estimate of what is probably farmable. Property has timber plus open fields. Most interesting relationship would be with a farmer who is growing a crop that will maintain the water rights (fruit and vegetables preferred over livestock). Residents on the property are aging in place and considering options for the next few years, so a lot of decisions are currently up in the air. Residents are not able to make a very long-term commitment. THANK YOU to all the enthusiastic land lovers who have expressed interest in this property. Currently the property is not ready to lease but may be available in 2020.

Current Use:

The property previously grew acres of alfalfa. There were also cattle in the open fields and forested areas.

Available Water / Irrigation:


Soil Type / Quality:


Buildings and Structure Available for Use:

Empty residence. Several open barns.

Farm Equipment Available for Use, Sale or Lease:

Likely none. Would need to check.

Any Restrictions That Could Limit Use for Farming:

I am still researching the water rights.