For Lease/Rent: 6 acres in Pend Oreille County


Lease or rent, or agreement to work towards ownership. Possible lodging arrangements are negotiable. Farm location has access to farmers markets and Spokane, Sandpoint restaurants. Also possible to cooperate with local CSAs. Materials to build a small greenhouse and chicken coop are on-hand.

Current Use:

~6 acres available - property is ~14 acres total, but ~8 are treed/riparian or have a county easement.

Available Water / Irrigation:

Water rights with certificate
Water rights for river, pond or lake access

Soil Type / Quality:

Last soil test was 2007. Soil is loam. Garden area : pH = 6.42, salinity ECe dS/m = 0.25, P mg/kg = 136, K mg/kg = 474, N = recommended to add 2-4 lbs/1,000 sq ft. Field: pH = 6.63, salinity ECe dS/m = 0.1, P mg/kg = 40, K mg/kg = 109 recommended to add 40-60 lbs K2O/acre, N = recommended to add 7.5 - 12.5 lbs/acre.

Buildings and Structure Available for Use:

34' x 34' storage shed, garage - have started partial conversion to insulated greenhouse (11' x 22'). Starting to lay out the plans for a new greenhouse - proposing 20' x 100' - calls for double-wall polycarbonate panels, with the long-term goal to test year-round production - considering options to capture solar heat in summer and use it during winter to keep greenhouse soil ~50 F. 2 game-fenced gardens - each ~ 25' x 55'. Small chicken coop at ~100 sq ft - insulated and rodent proof.

Farm Equipment Available for Use, Sale or Lease:

For field: 2" handline impact sprinkler system w/ pump, risers situated to allow irrigation of entire field. Able to pipe water from this system into non-field areas/gardens for irrigation, or use for fire suppression around house and shed. 5' reverse tiller for tractor - but no tractor on property - tiller needs at least 30 hp for operation. Various hand tools, hand sprayers, sprouting containers, etc.

Any Restrictions That Could Limit Use for Farming:

Would like to partner my business plans with someone who wants to permenently locate to this area. Also would consider selling. If I continue to live here, I hope to build toward a trust set-up with the property, so it stays in agricultural use. Also, ideally, would like to set up a program where the property/farm/businesses are used as a means to help treat people with PTSD/trauma, or assist immigrants who want to farm as they situate themselves in WA state.