For Lease: 3 acres on Vashon Island


We have a 5 acre piece of land on Vashon Island and farm about 3 acres. We are interested in leasing the land because we both have full time jobs and cannot keep up with row crops. We have a small orchard (apples, pears, italian plums), a good start to a large raspberry patch, fencing, water but not electricity readily available. We are looking to create an orchard on 1/3 of our field in addition to our small orchard that currently exists. We have pigs (kunekune) and are planning on a fairly large production of meat birds with a partner that has his own farm.

Current Use:

We have a 48X24 ft high tunnel that we have used for growing melons, tomatoes and are thinking about strawberries. We have a large field that has perimeter fencing and cross fencing. Half of it has deer fencing. We rotate our grazing pigs through when there is grass to eat then we grow row crops after then have moved through. Sometimes we just do cover crop to grow more food for the pigs. The soil is really nice and we have been working toward no till.

Available Water / Irrigation:

Water district

Soil Type / Quality:

The soil is alluvial deposits over a glacial till hardpan. We have some perching and drainage issues and are considering installing a pond to alleviate the standing water in the winter.

Buildings and Structure Available for Use:

We have a small barn but we mostly will be using it

Farm Equipment Available for Use, Sale or Lease:

We have a tractor with no bucket. We have a couple of manifolds for water but can easily create custom manifolds with how our water lines are laid out. We have a hand dug well that goes dry in the summer but we have plans to get some cisterns so that we can use that during the summer to supplement our district water which is expensive.

Any Restrictions That Could Limit Use for Farming: