For Lease: 30 acre farm on San Juan Island


30 acre farm for lease on north end of San Juan Island, including ~4 acre deer fenced area for market garden, includes fruit trees; large hoop house; small barn for storage and shop with covered vegetable processing area; ~15 acre pasture (fencing needs work); pond with solar pump for irrigation water. Some equipment may be available depending on expertise of lessee. Former farmer currently lives on farm but is not engaged in farming. No housing currently available for lessee, but may be possible in the future. Owners are very supportive of local farming. Available for immediate use.

Current Use:

Farm production until about 2015 included market garden crops, strawberries, poultry, sheep and hay. Farm products were sold through a CSA, directly to local businesses, and at the local farmers market. The land is not currently being actively farmed due to landowner/farmer health issues.

Available Water / Irrigation:

Water rights for river, pond or lake access

Soil Type / Quality:

Primarily Coveland loam.

Buildings and Structure Available for Use:

Small barn including shop and vegetable processing area; compost facility; large hoop house; seed starting shed.

Farm Equipment Available for Use, Sale or Lease:

Irrigation including pump at pond. Tractor and various farm tools may be available depending on experience and agreement with landowner.

Any Restrictions That Could Limit Use for Farming:

Housing is not currently available on farm, but may be available in the future.