For Lease: 1-15 acres in Lewis County


We have a lumber tree farm that includes approx. 20 acres of fields. Our primary focus is the hillside timber and we are looking to the put the field portion into use. Seeking to lease this property and will consider a variety of purposes. Lease size can vary depending on need. Have considered Christmas tree farm, rye, Hazel nuts, fruit trees (organic apples for cider), shade grass, bee hives, pasture for small animals (goats for land maintenance and or milk), Open to ideas and possible partnership (especially with the right person that has experience in talking care of fields, and general property upkeep). No home available at this time, but possibly in the future. This property is 60 minutes from Puyallup and 90-120 minutes from Seattle.

Current Use:

Land is currenlty vacant and unused. Previous owners used if for animal grazing

Soil Type / Quality:

See attached soil map

Buildings and Structure Available for Use:

none (some primitive animal feeding shelters)

Farm Equipment Available for Use, Sale or Lease:

None. possbile irrigation? Soil types in part of the site are Hydric and may require drainage.

Any Restrictions That Could Limit Use for Farming: