Farm Land for Lease in Spokane County


Approximately 4 to 5 acres of a 10 acre organic fruit, vegetable and flower farm is available to be leased and worked using organic, regenerative, sustainable practices for the production of fruits, flowers and vegetables. Farm animals such as cows, goats and chickens can be considered. Land is lightly sloped and has been used as pasture only for some years. Water well on the property is not high producing but has a decent sized holding tank. Watering would need to be monitored and rotated using drip lines as necessary.

Current Use:

When we purchased this property 4 years ago, it had been primarily used as pasture for llamas and goats. We have been working the fallow soil back to good health in 1/4 acre segments and growing beautiful, healthy vegetables and both annual and perennial flowers. Garlic is just another one of our specialties. We also have some free-range chickens for egg production. We have a farm stand on property and are connected with several local farmers markets. When we have the opportunity, we will be hosting events as practicable.

Available Water / Irrigation:


Soil Type / Quality:

Our soil is about 1+ ft ashy-silty-loam on top of hard pan clay. We till new ground, furrow to make raised beds, work in soil amendments and green compost, then practice no-till from that point forward. We have also established wind rows so as not to waste any plant materials.

Buildings and Structure Available for Use:

We have several small outbuildings for storage, a tractor garage for the larger equipment and materials, a small "production" garage for seed starting and bouquet making, and another small garage that we use for storage as well. We have a small a 10 x 12 greenhouse frame that we plan on covering this spring that could be used by someone. We are also looking into purchasing a new 10 x 20 shed that we will repurpose into a tiny house with the help of whoever decides to join us here.

Farm Equipment Available for Use, Sale or Lease:

We have a 24 hp Kubota tractor with front blade, brush hog and tiller, a number of very useful tools and some irrigation, ground cover and floating row covers;. However, we would expect that if the person who was working our land is serious about this venture going forward for their farming future, then they will be purchasing their own small farm tools and we can discuss sharing the other materials if needed.

Any Restrictions That Could Limit Use for Farming:

We are a family-owned farm that practices organic, sustainable and regenerative farm methods, so we would expect the same type of relationship with anyone who is using our land to maintain soil health, quality and viability.