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About Us

About Washington FarmLink

Washington FarmLink, a program of Tilth Alliance, links aspiring and experienced commercial farmers to ensure that working farms remain in agricultural production and facilitate the successful transition of farmland to the next generation. Since the program’s creation in 2002, we’ve helped connect hundreds of aspiring farmers and landowners across Washington State. We accomplish this through:

  • Our online farmer/landowner matching service
  • Educational workshops
  • Online resource and material directory
  • One-on-one assistance
  • Referrals to like-minded organizations

If you know someone who is considering selling farmland, or know of fallow farmland, please refer us!

How Can Washington FarmLink Help Me?


  • Let landowners come to you! Use our Landseeker Profiles to advertise what you’re looking for, including where you’re interested in farming, how many acres you’d like to farm, what types of agricultural practices you’re interested in, etc.
  • Browse available farmland in Washington by looking through our Land Listings and reach out to those who seem like a good match.
  • Receive educational information for new and established farmers.
  • Learn tips and tricks for finding land and setting up a lease or sale.
  • Get technical assistance with someone from our team.
  • Learn about financial options for buying land and the different types of business arrangements commonly used.


  • Find farmers looking for land by browsing our Landseeker Profile listings.
  • Learn about many options for keeping your property active farmland, from leasing/selling the land to succession planning.
  • Receive rental income and potentially lower taxes.
  • Help sustain Washington State’s vital farming and agricultural community!

How to Get Started

All you need to do to get started is create a listing! Whether you’re a farmer looking to sell your land or a farmer looking to find land, you can create a listing that will outline exactly what you’re looking for. The more detail, the better to help you find the right fit for you or your land.


Need more information or have a question about how Washington FarmLink works? Contact us.

About Tilth Alliance

Tilth Alliance teaches people of all ages how to grow, cook and eat nutritious food in ways that regenerate healthy ecosystems. We use gardens, farms and kitchens as classrooms to offer hands-on learning experiences that re-connect people to nutritious food, local farmers and the Earth. We also offer training and resources to help Washington state farmers be economically successful and use sustainable practices. Learn more.

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