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Connecting farmers and landowners in Washington State

Land Owner

Do you want to pass land down to the next generation?

Do you have land that you wish to provide for lease or sale?

Land Seeker

Do you have at least two years of farming experience?

Do you want to rent or buy from a WA FarmLink land owner?

About WA FarmLink

Washington FarmLink, a program of Tilth Alliance, connects aspiring and experienced farmers to landowners, ensuring that land remains in agricultural production. All you need to do to get started is create a listing! Whether you’re a farmer in search of land or you’re a landowner seeking a steward for your land, you can create a listing that will outline exactly what you’re looking for.

Success Stories

“My partner and I are really excited and grateful for all this information you’ve given us. It was really helpful for me to talk to an experienced and connected person to get an idea of where to even begin.”
— Stephanie, Farm Land Seeker
“WA FarmLink helped me connect with folks who have a like mind in stewarding land. We were able to visit the land to better understand how it grows and adapt our farm plan to the needs of the land.”
— Cody, Farm Land Seeker
“WA FarmLink enabled us to find land that fit our requirements and connected us to sellers who were more interested in seeing their property get passed on to the right farmers rather than accepting the quickest offer. We're grateful we had such an easy experience using WA FarmLink, and frequently recommend it to our farmer friends! ”
— Micha, Bright Ide Acres